on the spectrum,
of silence,
of poetry & prose,
for a moment


Julianne Lutz Warren

Zoomorphic Magazine
Issue 5, April 18, 2016

I am amazed
by what is unburied
as the snow melts
after all those months,
though I knew it was there
all along.
A white house,
a silver trash can,
footprints from December.
Remember when
you plunged
into the woods
to feel the
hard curve
of a warm body
who had slept
there that night,
a mold of ice
shaped like
a young moose?

This white March woods
is less oestral mare,
than hungry moose,
with cravings slow
to melt into spring.
She waits to drop
her calf, while the
moon half rises
over the backs of
shaggy hill humps,
dark at dawning,
beneath the pink
of sky, sunning
into blue dawn.
And the breaths of
spruce trees warm bread-
sweet patches of ground
beneath their boughs,
into shapes of
yearlings, where these
half-grown beasts might
browse and sleep.


This Winter Woods

Julianne Lutz Warren

Zoomorphic Magazine
Issue 1.2, May 21, 2015

The Barren Woman Becomes One Who Bears Up Multitudes

Julianne Lutz Warren

Resilient Questions: What Kind of Ancestor Do you Want to Be?
Center for Humans and Nature
March 2017;

Portraits of Hope

Julianne Lutz Warren

The Geography of Hope:
Finding Hope in the Land Ethic Conference
Point Reyes, California
March 15-17, 2013


Julianne Lutz Warren

October 17–23, 2015
Shaver’s Creek:
Stories from Penn State’s Nature Center


Julianne Lutz Warren

City Creatures Blog
Center for Humans and Nature
July 18, 2016

Photo: Matt Reinbold, “Hunter’s Moon,” CC 2.0

blue dawn

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