movement building for re/generative communities,
individual integrity and collective responsibility co-penetrate

i. #nyudivest (#decarbonize nyu)

 est. 2012, part of the greater fossil fuel divestment movement, evolving ever since 

historical, personal notes: 
i served on the nyu faculty 2009-2014. in 2013, i received an nyu martin luther king, jr faculty research award thanks to my students, for our collaborative work. though, i left in 2014, because—love—i have continued to stay in touch with my nyu divest community.
with students, i proudly co-authored this substantive letter to the president (first to john sexton, revised for andrew hamilton) signed by 200+ other faculty

ii. fairbanks climate action coalition

working for just transition,
including climate justice and enacting love,

i’ve served on the fcac council
and as a co-facilitator
for our keep it in the ground
working group
(“it” being fossil hydrocarbons),
in defense of the sacred,
ancestral lands-and-peoples,
including oceans

my work with fcac so has mostly included collaborating
—as an ally with the gwich’in steering committee
—to defend their iizhik gwats’an gwandaii goodlit,
or, the sacred place where life begins.
this is the place, known in us federal terms,
as the 10-02 area of the arctic refuge. 
in 2018, i received the “activist of the year award”
from the northern alaska environmental center
thanks to my friends and colleagues,
for our shared work.

i acknowledge the labors of many
alaska native and non-native friends,
helping me in ongoing decolonizing work
through various trainings
as well as through
very dear friendships.

i led a comment-writing campaign –
30 days of alliance for
30 years of self-defense 
(5-15-18 to 6-13-18)
for the arctic refuge
blm eis scoping period